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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thousands more children abused at private owned “chop shops” - 1-Stop Dental, First Impressions Dental, Gold Star Dental. Parents are paid $35 to bring their child for “treatment”!

These are just 3 of 30 or more operated by a very close knit group of criminals with DDS after their name in Texas. I’m sure we will be hearing more on this cartel.

Hey, Ms. Lisa Re, is this one ok with you as well? I assume it must be, it’s the same story we hear about Small Smiles of which you are such a big fan!!

Here is Byron Harris’ latest report:


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Posted on December 12, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Updated today at 9:35 AM


The darkest side of Medicaid dental

wfaaDALLAS -- In the eighteen months since News 8 began reporting on the Medicaid dental program, we’ve discovered hundreds of millions of dollars paid out by Texas that other states don’t pay for at all. We’ve discovered children being lured from their neighborhoods into dental chairs, just for the Medicaid dental fees they’d bring. And we’ve outlined how gift cards have been used to entice parents to bring their kids to certain dentists.

The State of Texas is now cracking down on those practices through enforcement and new systems for reimbursing dentists. But that’s only increased the competition for new, young Medicaid patients and the income they can bring to a dental office. In their worst forms, might be described as tempt and torture.

The Switch Bonus
In the parking lots of Dallas DART stations, crude flyers are being tucked under commuters’ windshield wipers.

“Get paid to take ur [sic] kids to the dentist. The dentist is giving $20.00-$35.00 per kid,” the flyer reads.