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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Byron’s Lens: Dental Kickbacks The Story Behind The $8.45 Million Dentists’ Settlement

byron's lens

There’s a McDonald’s on Garland Road in Dallas near the old Lochwood Mall, almost across the street from what used to be Galaxy Dental.  Galaxy’s florescent green and yellow paint scheme made it stick out, even in the clutter of Garland Road.

I spent several mornings at that Mcdonald’s in the spring of 2012, nursing a coffee while everybody else was dining on McMuffins. I was there to try to overhear the conversation a group of women who often met there for business. They were “community outreach workers,” they said. But what they talked about were their plans to scour low income neighborhoods for children eligible for Medicaid.  Their mission: to recruit Medicaid eligible mothers to bring their children into Galaxy Dental. The outreach workers talked loud enough that I could tell they were pumped.  

A federal lawsuit unsealed in Dallas last week alleges why they were so excited.

See the entire story by Byron Harris at WFAA’