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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dr. Ralph Green of ReachOut Healthcare America into stem cells? It appears so.

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Dr. Ralph Green, DDS, of Reachout Healthcare America is into stem cells these days. lists Dr. Green as part of the Business Advisory Council. This is scary to me. What is scarier, is how the following individuals hooked up and what is their real plan? Research grants?

As part of the management team, along with Dr. Ralph Green are co-founders of Stemsave -  Arthur E. Greco and Dr. Gregory Chotkowski, DMD

Dr. Ralph Green is up to his eyeballs in corruption at ReachOut Healthcare America, so when you see him involved in something, one automatically assumes if it’s not a scam now, it soon will be.

StemSave Business Advisory Council:

Dr. Ralph Green, DDS, MBA - has enjoyed an extensive and distinguished career in dentistry and business. Dr. Green received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa and his MBA from Boston University. In addition to establishing a private dental practice, Dr. Green was a faculty member of Tufts University’s Dental School as well as the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene and currently serves as a trustee of The Forsyth Institute in Boston, MA. Dr. Green has conducted extensive research in the areas of bone growth, Implants, resins, tissue engineering and oncology. As a result of his research Dr. Green has developed and holds several patents and has successfully stewarded several devices through the FDA registration process.

In addition to his extensive experience in dentistry and research, Dr. Green has a long and successful career in business. In addition to maintaining an active private practice; Ralph Green DDS PC, Dr. Green is also the Vice President of Clinical Affairs for Reachout Healthcare America (RHA) providing healthcare services to the brave men and women serving in our country’s armed forces and serving underserved communities in twenty one states.

Prior to RHA, Dr. Green has been directly involved in numerous start up and early phase companies. Most prominently, Dr. Green was the founder of Nobel USA, the largest dental Implant company in the world today. Dr. Green invented and patented several advancements to implant technology and founded Technology Corporation of America which he later sold and is now part of BIOGEN.

More recently Dr. Green served as President of ZILA Pharmaceuticals, a division of ZILA Inc., a publicly traded company in the cancer diagnostic arena where in addition to the USA; Dr. Green successfully registered and launched the products in the United States, Europe, China and numerous other Asian countries. Dr. Green has served as the President-Elect of the Dental Manufacturers of America, the largest organization of dental industry companies. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Association for Dental Research and the International Associations for Dental Research. He served on the Board of the Oral Health of America and presently has been one of the founders of the Arizona School for Oral Health.


Also listed on the Business Advisory Team are: