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Monday, March 01, 2010

New FORBA v. Old FORBA Dismissed; Mountain Dental and more...

Looks like FORBA Holding v. all the DeRose family and several of it's entities have reached an agreement, 'confidential' of course, and the case has been dismissed with prejudice

Crap! I was hoping for an all out war between the sleezeballs.  However knowing what I know, I didn't think FORBA Holding had a leg to stand on, but it sure did shed some insight to the corruption among these people.

Stipulation For Dismissal 

I'm thinking that they figure they better bury the hatchet, even if it is in each other's back, and not give any more ammo to the lawsuits that will be coming their way, via the Class Action in Ohio or the suits that I'm confident will come from Moriarty-Leyendecker on behalf of the children they abused.

I'm just doubting even with all these slimballs sticking together they will NOT be able to find a high moral ground no matter how high they stack attorneys or how many nose bleeds they get.  Even now they are breaking off into EEHC, Inc and moving forward.

And...  AND...  there is a Mike Lindley ( many Mike Lindley can there be in the corporate dental world..) who is a Director of ...  drum roll please.....

Mountain Dental, Inc.

Mountain Dental is the western division of Dr. Jeffery Moos's Midwest Dental company.

Officers of Mountain Dental are:
Dr. Jeffery Moos -President
James Myer - Secretary

Peter Ehrich of Cressey & Company
Mike Lindley
David Schuppan of Cressey & Company

Yes, Cressey & Company have offices in .....drum roll...