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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Former Small Smiles Dental Center executive now with Doctors Express in Colorado and Wyoming


Steve Nitchen, 491 W. Winterhaven Drive, Pueblo, CO 81007 is listed as owner of Doctors Express Development Group, Inc. of Pueblo, Colorado.  Formed May 18, 2009.  Same  for Doctors Express Services Group, Inc. of Pueblo, Colorado.

Doctors Express is the trade name of MLD Operations, Inc. (20091091034)formed February 11, 2009.  Registered Agent is Caplan and Earnest, LLC 1800 Broadway Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO  80302.

I know, your first thought is another Michael DeRose medical ripoff business.  Nope, it appears the MD is Mark Damschroder.

Doctors Express is a franchise urgent care center.  November 2010 Villager report Dr. Chris Prior and Steve Nitchen opened the first one in Centennial Colorado.   Wonder who “financed” this venture?

From the story:

Steve Nitchen - Pueblo, CONitchen stays focused on the business side of things including finance, marketing and human resources.

“The secret to our success and what our patients are enjoying is the synergy created when combining business minds and medical minds together. The physicians and medical staff focus 100 percent of their time and attention to quality patient care and customer service while I pay attention to the business stuff,” Nitchen said.

“We plan to expand Doctors Express throughout Colorado and are looking for partners who want their own business in the recession resistant field of health care,” Nitchen said. “So far, Doctors Express franchise owners typically come from corporate America, with a medical background not necessary, but certainly helpful. We find people with good management and business skills can efficiently run a medical center because they’re used to managing people in high paced business environment. The medical industry definitely needs this.”

I wouldn’t worry so much about the quality of Doctors Express in Colorado if not for the fact Nitchen is still friends with Melissa (Missy Green) and Brad Williams of Church Street Health Management- Small Smiles Dental Centers and way too close to the DeRose thieves.


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