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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The $700,000 cure for Church Street Health Management

This morning at 9:00 a hearing was to be held in Nashville Bankruptcy court whereby Church Street Health Management, LLC was asking the court to modify the final Debtors In Possession (DIP) Order and to reschedule the closing of the sale of Church Street Health Management ,LLC to CSHM, LLC. They want to set it for May 31, 2012 instead of May 30, 2012 and they want to remove a legal service agreement with King and Spalding. (lol…they are gonna miss that income!)
Church Street Health Management , LLC and CSHM, LLC are two completely different companies now, so keep that in mind from this point forward. Church Street Health Management, EEHC, LLC, FORBA NY, LLC and Small Smiles Holdings, LLC are now combined into one company, namely CSHM, LLC. At least that is what it will become when the sale closes with Garrision
In their “Assumption Notice” (Doc 301, 302, and 302 Schedule A) is listed all the contract and obligations the new buyer will assume and have possession of at closing of this Rule 363 sale. The first one filed May 1, 2012 had 14 pages of those phony Management Service Agreements with phony clinic owners and employment agreement contracts, intellectual property such as trademarks, non-compete contracts with the original founders-The DeRose-Padula family- and other miscellaneous agreement, contracts and business agreement. A new and amended Schedule A was filed the next day, May 2, 2012. Yes, there was a change, a tiny one; King and Spalding were removed as having a Legal Service Agreement with the new CSHM, LLC.
From reading the “Assumption Notice” , the new new CSHM, LLC will only “assume” a little over $700k ($707,399) (see assumptions and "cure" amounts here)of Church Street Health Management, LLC, EEHC, LLC, FORBA, NY, LLC and Small Smiles Holdings, LLC $23,607,147.40 of debt. (According to Form 1 Schedule F here-Doc 213, starting on page 51)
Suspiciously missing from the debt the new buyer would now assume is $4,911,378 listed as still being owed to several states on a March 23, 2012 report. (Here on page 51)
BTW, who were those $10,000 loans made to that were listed on the March 2012 expense report?! Who loans money when they are broke? (see here on page 6)