Sunday, January 09, 2011

Church Street Health Management–From Arcapita's Website 2011-1-9 18-8


I know I'm not the only one to notice, nobody says they "own" the clinics anymore. 

I've made a complete copy of their blog  There is not one word there that says anyone owns any clinic.  Everyone is always a "lead dentist".  Well, until it comes to the income, then FORBA wants to claim that, or the lawsuits, then those lead dentists suddenly become owners.  Cracks me up sometimes. 

Even in the local news video they posted, no own is introduced as "owner" of the Small Smiles clinic here in "fill in the name of the city".

All these Small Smiles dental clinics are either "affiliated with" or "associated with" Arcapita or Church Street Health Management, aka FORBA.

I'm sure they all hate the fact those initial press releases when Arcapita "purchased" these clinics were wiped off the web, sorry guys.

I get what they are thinking, they don't want their name on documents like this.

As you can see, and everyone working for Small Smiles and Church Street Health Management should take note of, everyone will be named in lawsuits. 


The cost of hiring an law firm to initially take the case will be very expensive.  Responsible or not, you've been named in a lawsuit.  Everything for you changes at that point.  And I mean everything! 

Think your family won't be effected, wrong.  Think your kids won't be effected?  Wrong.

Try going out on your own with a pending lawsuit hanging over your head.  Try doing much of anything with this kind of lawsuit hanging over your head. 

I hope everyone is looking over what kind of documents you've signed. 

Church Street Health Management (CSHM) is not going to protect you from the above.  They are hanging  you out to dry, in the end, you will be in this all alone. 

Everyone will need their own attorney.  Don't be stupid and think FORBA aka Church Street Health Management (CSMH) and their vast number of law firms and attorneys are going to protect you.  Look out for yourself.

If you work for Small Smiles and Church Street Health Management, I would think you can expect to see your name on one of these someday in the future.   

For those at other dental mills, be taking notes. 

Boo!  Run!