Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Church Street Health Management: Forced into money laundering because of religious reasons? WTH!

On page 4 of Affidavit of Martin McGahan he starts in about the Sharia Law practices of the Bahrainian billionaire banker and it basically says, we had to set up dummy corporations to operate these dental clinics and dummy corporations to run the money through because of religious beliefs!  OMG!

It’s also interesting I might add, that the very law firm who advised that this scam was completely legit is representing them in the bankruptcy.  Wonder whose interest has their top priority.  Just saying… 

Waller – Lansden

This basically comes down to:

A bunch of us shady people got together, found a couple of bankers, the Caryle Group and a Bahrainian billionaire, gave the DeRose family $435 million to get out of the sandbox and let them in for a while.  They tortured hundreds of thousands of children, raided our Medicaid system, and ran up huge bills at various supply companies and law firms. They got caught,and fined and monitored. That cut down on the “take” from Medicaid. Seeing declining profits they scrapped out as much cash as possible thru compensation and leaving creditors hanging, the taxpayer raped and are telling a court in Tennessee that it was their religious beliefs that cause this to happen. PLUS, they want to buy their own company back through more dummy corporations, but not pay their creditors, continue raping the taxpayer and torturing children saying it’s in the best interest of the the children to let them continue raiding the Medicaid coffers. 

I about flipped out when Martin tried to say the business plan was good!  He more or less blamed it on owning the $24 million in settlement with the US Government.  Not sure how he figured that since they’ve only paid back $9M in the last two plus years!!!


Comment: MDavis

Again, I'm back to what's really demonstrated in the McGahan Affidavit.

Seemingly, there's a united front of the true owners of CSHM, The Carlyle Group, Arcapita Bank, & American Capital, masking themselves as First Lien Creditors. This powerful Troika shouldn't hold together, because of very diverse interests.

Firstly, Arcapita Bank's Annual Report goes on for page after page, about their corporate ethics & compliance w/ strict Shari'ah Code. Well, since they can't lend money as a creditor & collect interest, they are an OWNER. They bought equity in CSHM. They will be a prime target of Creditors. But, who got Arcapita Bank into this scheme?

Examining the types of businesses Arcapita Bank invests in, those involved w/ swindles of government money aren't too much there. Ahhh... but let's look at The Carlyle Group. Yes, the very same Carlyle Group w/ heroic founder David Rubenstein, who gives so generously. Yes, the same Carlyle Group which "assisted" the government of Abu Dhabi buy into their investments w/ Mubadala Development Company, which one might assume to be Compliant w/ Shari'ah Code. LOL!

The Carlyle Group seeingly loves government money. Yes, Medicaid money from CSHM (d/b/a Small Smiles). Medicare money from HCR Manor Care and Heartland Nursing Homes. And even, state pension money from the NY State Common Retirement System. Unfortunately, these issues all surround alleged fraud & abuse of government Taxpayer money. They also surround multiple civil malpractice actions. Well, at least persons w/in The Carlyle Group are well-connected in Washington circles, to run political & legal cover. This fact alone must have appealed to American Capital & Arcapita Bank.

So, in the most recent Annual Report of American Capital, they reported an elevated equity share in CSHM. Who motivated American Capital to assume this additional risk, w/ a company (CSHM), which had Compliance problems w/ the USIG's Office, and a laundry list of legal problems. Gee, do I again smell The Carlyle Group?

Investors in CSHM got hoodwinked, by other Investors. So no, I doubt this Troika will hold. Besides, certain Parties like Todd Cruse and Dan DeRose have a history of talking to the Feds, as evidenced in the John Ford (Mister 15%- because of his skim of government projects in TN) Federal Case.

So, who is gonna talk to the Feds first, and talk about what, in exchange for what?
Michael W Davis, DDS