Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dental Treatment Deaths - 20 Dead Children Since February 2007

Deamonte Driver dies in February 2007, from a brain infection due to a cavity. 

Since then there have been at least 20 children die during or just after dental treatment.  Those are just the ones we know about.  It is my personal belief there are three others in 2011.

The pediatric dental community stormed the halls of Congress demanding better access to dental treatment. In the process of trying to do something good, as what many times happens within the Halls of Congress, a good intention has gone terribly wrong. 

Children are dying at a lightening speed, children are being over treated with high reimbursement procedures where the money lands on Wall Street and state budgets are off the charts.  But NOT a soul, NOT ONE, from the Pediatric Dental Community has made their way to the halls of Congress demanding something be done to stop the deaths from the dental treatment its self.  1 can die from lack of treatment, 20 can die because of treatment, and we can't even get a 2 minute segment on the morning talk show to run a story sitting in their vaults.


ABC News has had a segment filmed and completed for well over a year.  It was to be shown on Good Morning America.

NBC News started to film a story about this in mid December 2011, the postponed it. Likely didn't plan to run it at all.  Then the next day or two, a couple of teens dies during Christmas break.  They decided to bring everyone back to NYC and film the segment the first week of January.  Not seen it yet!!