Friday, February 17, 2012

Kool Smiles facing alleged claims of mistreatment, excessive... |


By Kandolite Flores

EL PASO, Texas —

Kool Smiles Dentistry for Kids is the target of  San Antonio attorneys who are soliciting claims against the dental offices for allegedly using force on children or providing unnecessary treatment.
KFOX14 took a look into the claims.
TV ads sponsored by the attorneys are dark and allude to dental nightmares for children.

They are attention-grabbing and prompted KFOX14 to ask parents via Facebook about their own Kool Smiles experiences.
We received nearly two dozen positive responses, including Penelope Alba, who has been taking her two children, Greg Diaz and Ada Alba, to Kool Smiles for years. She said her kids love Kool Smiles.

We asked both Greg and Ada what they would tell other kids who want to go to Kool Smiles.

"That it's really fun," said Greg.
"It is really fun people go there," said Ada.
But fun is not what Crystal Tate found.

"I personally think Kool Smiles is not a good dentist to take your kids," she said.

Tate is among 100 parents who met with the San Antonio law firm of Mauze and Bagby at the Wyndham Hotel Friday.
The attorneys allege Kool Smiles mistreats patients and provides unnecessary work.
"We have and will be able to present over 1,000 parents whose children were subjected to being strapped down to papoose boards and physically restrained for what was not extensive dental care," said George Mauze.

In the case of Tate's 3-year-old, Natalie, she alleges Kool Smiles used force, eventually causing her daughter to lose all four of her front teeth.

Natalie pointed out where her teeth were pulled out and her mother said she probably won't have them back until she is 6 or 7.
KFOX14 spoke to Kool Smiles who didn't have anyone locally to discuss the alleged claims but directed us to a regional dental director in Indiana.

Responding to the ads, Dr. Polly Buckey said, "We're shocked and disappointed at the claims the lawyers' are seeking. We want our patients to know that if they have any concerns that we do urge them to contact their Kool Smiles dentist to review their specific case."
Buckey said Kool Smiles satisfies more often than not and the ads and website sponsored by Mauze and Bagby are misleading.
"What you should know is we have a highly remarkable patient satisfactory rate of 97 to 98 percent," said Buckey.

Although Kool Smiles claims the attorneys were forced to take down the ads because they broke numerous laws, including slander, Mauze said the ads were taken down because they've gotten the response they needed to move forward with possible litigation.
Mauze also said the litigation could come as quickly as June.
KFOX14 will keep monitoring the situation and let you know if the attorneys found enough evidence to move forward.

Kool Smiles facing alleged claims of mistreatment, excessive... |