Friday, April 27, 2012

Bids for Small Smiles centers in by May 4, 2012, auction set for May 11, 2012, hearing for court to approve sale (if any) on May 22, 2012–trying to settle malpractice cases in the mean time.

Here is the latest filings in the bankruptcy case.
I think these so called Management Service Agreements these corporations claim they have with fake owners dentists like the Small Smiles clinics should also be used in other places to skirt laws and social practices.

What’s your thoughts?

Maybe they should replace marriage licenses. What about drivers license? I just manage the car, take care of the upkeep, fuel, taxes, etc.

Even in Church Street Health Managements latest filings on Tuesday of this week, they still contend they don’t own them, just manage them. I beg to differ.


Small Smiles Owner Doctors - A. Smith
Small Smiles ownership program – A. Smith
Fraud at Small Smiles? – The employees say yes.

After what you’ve just heard, don’t you everyone who has filed all the legal document, that are subject to perjury needs some serious jail time for each offense.