Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hearings in Washington today of Medicaid fraud

grassleybachmanHearings in Washington today of Medicaid fraud and it includes managed care and dental fraud testimony!

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There are a whole lot of questions from just about everyone on this Oversight Committee hearing wanting to know why no one is in jail, be it individual dentist or corporate executive.

That the same question I’ve asked for 4+years. Of course CMS Director Cynthia Mann and Commissioner Lucinda Jesson of Minnestoa dhs don’t know. ellis1Maybe they will ask Attorney General Holder.

Here Dr. Chrisinte Ellis, DDS was asked if she had been contacted by the Federal AG office in Texas about her findings of fraud with the orthodontics program. Her answer was no.

Representative Michael Burgess of Texas is outraged at that no one from the state, to CSM, to OIG had a clue that Texas paid more for orthodontics than the rest of the entire country or that no one investigated why there were advertising billboards for “Free Braces”. Representative Burgess also said that this would have the full attention of his office.

Commissioner Jesson can’t seem to explain why UCare, a corporation, would donate $30 Million dollars to the state of Minnesota and why it was characterized as a donation when in reality it was a refund for being overpayment. By it being a donation, the state would get to keep it all, if it were a repayment from over payment, some would be returned to the Federal Government.

This was one bang up 3.5 hour long hearing!

Hearing Audio
Part 1 of the hearing
I missed about 30 minutes in the middle of it, sorry folks.
Part 2 of the hearing