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Dentize Me! Another dental “franchise” unleashed on the unsuspecting public or a con man at play?


Meet, Nathan Nead of Maple Valley, Washington.  He’s one busy man! He's into a whole lot of internet businesses. And honestly, not very good at it, since he doesn’t even change the website design, just slaps another name on it.  Kinda like scraping the name off the door and putting up another one.  In the past he’s represented himself to be an Insurance Exchange, Energy Retailer (Enron?), Digital Signage, Pressure Washer, IRA and 401K Manager, and today he’s selling $25k pieces of a corporate dentistry franchise called Dentize. The insurance exchange thing got him into a bit of trouble with the Kansas Insurance Commissioner.  Here Offers Dental Franchise Information for New Investors

2012-04-02 11:30:19 (GMT) ( - Business, Money & Finance, Press Releases)

03/31/2012 // Seattle, Washington , United States // // is proud to announce that it is offering dental franchise information to potential new investors. This information, conveniently located on its website gives a comprehensive overview on investment, returns, and other details to candidates who are interested in becoming franchise owners.

Dentize offers investors the unique chance to gain a fully managed dental franchise with absentee ownership that has the potential to generate increased annual profits up to 40 to 60 percent more within five years. Dentize believes that it offers a good opportunity to get involved with a dental franchise without having the limitations of traditional business ownership. According to the American Dental Association, the dental industry is one of the most stable in the country and has a historical success rate of 98 percent. What sets Dentize’s offer apart from traditional franchises is that it requires little human resource expenditure and no investment in inventory or dental facilities.

The capital investment in this model requires $200,000 with the possibility to make payments in $25,000 increments. Dentize works with a select network of successful dentists who work out of facilities that are often at capacity and attract viable patients who value oral health care and possess the financial means to receive quality dental services. The patients’ payments are then divided between the franchise owner and the dentist who provided the services. The franchise owner may choose to operate the day-to-day business with limited responsibilities or leave it in the hands of an authorized management institution. Professional management services bank on a five year track record of success and will organize all of the activities related to the business and ensure the continued attraction of customers.

“We work with a select group of people who have proven to be a success in their respective fields,” said Ryan Ray, VP of Marketing. “Therefore, we offer our potential investors a fantastic business opportunity with all of the pieces already put in place to give the business the best chance of growth and profitability.”

Ideal candidates for Dentize Franchise Owners include individuals who have experience as business or franchise owners or those seeking to build their own first opportunities in either. Successful executives who wish to replace or increase their income, self directed IRA owners who want to recover recent market losses, dental practitioners who are looking for an alternative to working with an associate dentist, among others are also considered to be viable candidates for the opportunity.

********************************** was founded by a group of business and dental professionals who specialize in marketing, dentistry, and business finance. Since establishing its franchise model five years prior, Dentize has been working actively with investors, dentists, and business professionals to maintain a standard quality of service across the board. Offers Dental Franchise Information for New Investors | Press Release Distribution

From Dentize Website – Franchise Information:

Dentize provides the opportunity to gain a fully managed dental franchise owned by absentees, that generates annual profits of up to 40 to 60 per cent or more in five years. This represents a unique opportunity to enter the dental profession as an absentee investor. The dental industry has a historical success rate of 98%, according to the American Dental Association. This dental franchise involves little human resource expenditure, and does not require any inventory or dental facilities to be purchased or acquired, making it different from other franchises. We offer a dental franchise without the shortcomings of business ownership.

Our franchise collaborates with a network of successful dentists who have currently facilities that can require full capacity use, and finds competent patients who recognize the value of optimal oral health and have the financial means to receive such dental services. The payments from these patients are split between the owner of the franchise and the dentists providing the dental services. The business may be managed on day-to-day basis by the franchise owner or an authorized management institution. With professional management, the franchise can be fully managed. With a fully managed franchise, the franchisee’s only responsibilities include settling accounts, oversight and the payment of taxes. The management company that is responsible for managing the franchise is experienced and has a 5 year record of continual success, ensuring a constant flow of competent patients and professional dentists.

Ideal Candidates for Dentize Franchise Owners:
- Individuals who are currently Business or Franchise Owners, or those seeking to own their first business or franchise
- Leading executives who desire to replace or increase their income
- IRA Owners who want to recover recent market losses
- Dental Practitioners who are looking for an alternative to working with an associate dentist
- Dental Specialists who are competent in understanding the financial aspects to a dental franchise

The cost of capital for this model is $200,000. This payment can be made starting with increments as low as $25,000 for each franchise unit and can be procured within a self-directed IRA. More information is available in FAQs or the Financial Disclosure Document.

The system behind the franchise model has a 5 year record of continual success which provides a constant flow of competent patients to qualified dentists.

Executive Summary Items:

• This dental franchise may be operated as an absentee owned and fully managed business that makes annual profits of up to 42 per cent or more.

o With the purchase of each franchise unit, there are options to
procure two additional units at a protected cost of $25,000 each.
o Obtaining additional franchise units give the opportunity to earn annual profits of up to 104 per cent and more.

• Dentistry is among the most stable service industries in the country, with a success rate that exceeds 98 per cent.

• The main objective of the is to serve as a service department that provides patients for Network Dentists, with no less than 5 new patients each month who each spend at least $1,000 in the first year.

o This is achieved by scheduling 1.25 patients each week with the Network Dentists, by each franchise
o Approximately 8 franchises are needed to support a single Network Dentist
o Each patient who is allocated into a network is given exclusively to one Franchise

• The Dentize Platform and its Franchises receive compensation proportionate to the fees gathered from new patients.

o Each Franchise is given 16.5 per cent of the collections of a Network Dentist from its allocated (coded) patients
o Income is calculated from the total amount of collections, and not the net profit

• Dentize has chosen to expand its business with individuals and companies that capitalize such expansion as independent franchise owners.

• Day-to-day management of the franchise may be at the hands of the franchise owner or an authorized management company.

• Professional management of the franchise enable full management, which limits the franchisee’s responsibilities to reconciling accounts, oversight and the payment of taxes.

• Every Franchise owner is designated a unit related to Network Dentists.

• Business owners may expect greater profits on invested capital than passive investment or saving.

• This Franchise model is derived from a platform that has been proven to produce results, and is based on more than 5 years of successful research, growth and performance.

• A new Franchise becomes fully operational within around 180 days.

• A Dentize Franchise that is absentee owned is intended to make annual profits of up to 53 per cent or more.

Dentize franchise investors are not dentists. In fact, they are represented by a wide range of varying professions whose interest in dentistry are twofold. First, they are investors looking for solid monthly cash-flow. Second, they are seeking to invest in businesses which can weather today’s economic uncertainty.

Each franchise is an absentee owned dental practice with an initial overall investment of $500,000 with equity distributed and sold in shares of $25,000 each.

The system returns 16.5% annually on each share of $25,000 each. Because this business is absentee-owned and fully turn-key it allows for investors to contribute self-directed IRA and 401K funds in ownership of each practice. For more detailed information including Franchise Document Disclosure (FDD), please reach out to us directly.

Upon further investigation it appears Nathan Nead has tried other scams. He tried another Internet business called My HIX Insurance Exchange and the State of Kansas ordered him to stop representing himself to be a “state-sponsored” insurance exchange since he was not authorized. Here is the Cease and Desist Order dated 1-2-2012 

A search of the phone number in the Kansas C & D will give you:

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Other companies on file at the Washington Secretary of State:
Investured, LLC
Nead, LLC

Searching the phone number for (206) 473-2060, gives you a whole host of other scam websites:

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