Friday, April 13, 2012

Ashton–Nearly died a year ago today. Hear Ashton’s story from his mom! Don’t miss this!



This is Ashton.  It’s been a year today since this child almost lost his life from carelessness and overdosing by a dentist. When I watched this video, I realized that I was watching a child being euthanized, it’s just didn’t take.

Here Aston’s is story:

It was April 13, 2011... We took our 6 year old son Ashton to see Dr. Zhu (pediatric dentist) in Troy, Michigan to have fillings and a baby root canal done. What I thought would be an ordinary day turned out to be every parents worse nightmare.

Ashton was ignored, neglected, overdosed on sedation medicine and sent home unresponsive and unconscious. Dr. Zhu told us to take Ashton home and "put him to bed". Dr. Zhu clearly did not value Ashton's life and because his office was operating like an assembly line, he had to turn my son over as quickly as possible. As of this month which would mark one year, he has continued his practice and has not faced a consequence.
Jason carried Ashton out of the dental office like a rag doll. As he was driving Ashton home he heard a scary sound that later was determined to be the sound that occurs when a person's airway is blocked. At this point, he knew something was wrong and took him to the hospital to seek medical attention. If we would have chosen not to respond, Ashton could have died at home in his bed.
My son didn't die despite this negligence. There are many people that are "surprised" at his outcome and many other children who's outcome was catastrophic.
I can't help but want to warn other parents who hand their children over to medical professionals. I am not saying they are all like Dr. Zhu but there are some. ALWAYS trust your instincts and don't EVER be afraid to ask questions or walk away from any situation you are not comfortable in. I knew something was wrong here and I should have walked away.
If you want to know more about Ashton's story or you have a similar one, please let me know.
Thanks for listening!