Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small Smiles still soliciting dentists to come to work–it’s wonderful they say!! ROTFLMAO

I just get so tickled with I get stuff like this.


Here we have a flier that Missy Green sent out of the Small Smiles Colorado office, just this week, trying to solicited dentists to come to work for them! 

My first question is what about the Kochenbergers?  Jake and Jenna, did they give it up being - slave hunters for Church Street Health Management? 

Well, clearly Missy Green is stilling trying to recruit. Wonder how she tells sells to dentists how wonderful it will be working for the company saving the underserved children across America with the company in bankruptcy, even their $435 million dollar investment bank – Arcaptia-in ruins. That’s an audio I’d love to hear!

Right now we have people in some clinics who have not been paid their February pay checks. Some are working for pennies, if anything at all, since there are fewer victims to over-treat. Remember, if you’ve been there more than 6 months you are off the guaranteed salary payroll and strictly on the Collection Based Salary – commissions basically.

Heck, there is no telling how many employees who have stuck it out that will be on the “unsecured creditors” list soon. Remember, anything they owe after the filed for bankruptcy on February 20th could surely end up on that very list. 

I know, some are already on there, but they could be “another day older and deeper in debit” and owing their soul to the “company store”.. Why is that dang song in my head… lol

As one person pointed out, they can’t close the 3 patient a day clinics since those are “assets” they need to sell…  Oh, wait, they don’t own those clinics, right?  ROTFLMAO! 

Gosh, dangit!  I just can’t keep that straight in my head. Own, don’t own, owner dentists, lead dentists, associate dentists…  Never have gotten the exact definition of an “owner” dentist, well, not officially, but I have heard it explained on audio.

I guess the owners of those clinics should just sell the equipment and move on.  The owners don’t even have to worry about breaking the lease do they, since Church Street Health Management has their name on those leases.  ROTFLMAO!