Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jewish dentist files suit against Arab–Midwest Dental


Jewish Dentist Files Lawsuit Against Arab Muslim Discrimination By . . . Jewish Bosses – READ the Complaint

By Debbie Schlussel

You may have heard about the Orthodox Jewish dentist suing “the Arab Muslim dental company” in Dearbornistan.  But it’s not exactly what you think or what’s been reported by lazy mainstream media reporters who never do their homework.  In this case, I’m referring to the fat-assed Arabista who works at the Detroit Newsistan, who can’t do an iota of research or ask a decent question to save her life (Oralandar Brand-Williams, whom many believe is being paid off by HAMASCAIR and other Muslims).  Read the federal civil rights complaint and note what’s missing:  the name of the owners and bosses at the company.  Guess who they are?  It’s not what you’d guess.


On the one hand, I always wonder about Jews who think they will get a fair shake and/or respect for their religious observances by Muslims in Dearbornistan (or anywhere else).  But that’s not exactly what’s going on here . . . or at least not the full story.  I hope Dr. Mark Ellis wins his lawsuit against “Midwest Dental of Dearborn, PLLC.”  You should note, however, that while he alleges he was discriminated in favor of Arab Muslims and that the Arab Muslims were treated better, I did a little research.  And, lo and behold, the company for which he works–which owns and operates dental offices throughout Michigan, all of which appear to be dental “mills”–is owned by people with very Jewish-sounding names, who live not in Dearbornistan, but in New Jersey.  So, apparently, they are Jewish dhimmis, or have left the management of the Dearbornistan office to discriminatory Muslims (redundant phrase).  Either way, they are the ones behind the discrimination, doing so apparently to garner Arab Muslim business and dollars.  It’s bad enough when Muslims do this.  It’s far worse when Jews do it to appease Muslims.  And that’s apparently what’s going on here. In the 1940s, people like the Feilers had a nickname: kapo.


Jewish Dentist Files Lawsuit Against Arab Muslim Discrimination By . . . Jewish Bosses – READ the Complaint