Thursday, March 01, 2012

Senior Mobile Dental - Licensed Dental Hygiene Care

Senior Mobile Dental and .org– website true owner hidden

Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0117132607,
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
CA +1.4165385457
Website says found is – Patricia Michelle Noblet – Vacha 
Senior Mobile Dental – Colorado Secretary of State:
20071451146 – Filed 9-16-2009 True name - Dental Hygiene Professionals. Michelle P. Vacha 2604 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918 
2010163317 – Filed 10-12-2010 True name – Licensed Dental Hygiene Care. P. Michelle Vacha 2604 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Licensed Dental Hygiene Care dba -Senior Mobile Dental. Logo registration in Colorado – Senior Mobile Dental with a toothbrush and swirl of toothpaste. Patricia Vacha 2604 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918.
Licensed Dental Hygiene Care – Patricia Michelle Vacha and Michael David Vacha. Date of Non-Profit incorporation 7-27-2006.
Executive Director – Patricia Michelle Vacha, RDS
President – Dr. Sandra Swing, DDS 5410 Powers Center Point,Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Vice President – Nicole Spurgeon CDS 3860 Half Turn Road, Colorado Springs, CO. 80917
Secretary – Grace Wolf Trujillo E.D.D.A 6465 McNichols Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Treasurer – Tammi Moore, Accountant 8235 Chochise Rd. Colorado Springs, CO. 80908
Member - Dr. Kenneth Pollary, DDS 5815 Mesa Mtn. Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Member - Sherri Thompson, RN 2955 Leoti Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80922