Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kool Smiles files suit against law firm taking personal injury cases - I’m thinking this is NOT a good idea for Freidman Fleischer & Lowe; Doug Brown or Kevin Miller…

…Dentistry of Brownville, P.C. or NCDR, LLC, or KS TX, P.C. or  whatever name Kool Smiles dental centers are using.

You have a Private Equity firm behind the Kool Smiles name. You have a Private Equity firm basically practicing dentistry. You have a Private Equity firm setting up dummy professional corporations in many states, Texas included. You have a crooked dentist, Dr. Tu Tran with his name all over Dentistry of Brownsville, PC and he doesn’t even practice in Texas or any other state for that matter!  He lives outside Atlanta. According to Texas records, NCDR, LLC is “governed” by Kool Smiles Acquisition Corporation-400 EAST GALLERIA PARKWAY SE, STE. 800
ATLANTA , GA 30339

There are thousands of parents complain their children are being injured and abused with unnecessary and substandard dental treatment. These same complaints have been coming from Kool Smiles clinics across the nation for 5 years. The parents are claiming of harsh and brutal touching and manhandling of their children to deliver that dental care. All for the simple reason to bill Medicaid for as much as they can in as quickest amount of time. Maybe parents have taken photos, made audio and video recordings of the children screaming and have decided to take action against the dentist and the company responsible for it. Maybe some support staff at the dental centers have done the same.
So, what does the company do? It files suit against the law firm taking the cases, citing “Copyright Infringement”.  Seriously??!!

5:12 –CV-00036
Monday March 19, 2012
Dentistry of Brownsville, P.C.
Mauze & Bagby, PLLC
George Watts Mauze, II
James Thomas Bagby, III
Texas Southern District Court
Tradmark Infringement
Kool Smiles v Mauze & Bagby
Original Complaint Exhibit 5 [doc 1-6]
Exhibit 1[doc 1-2] Exhibit 6 [doc1-7]
Exhibit 2 [doc1-3] Exhibit 7 [doc 1-8]
Exhibit 3 [doc 1-4] Exhibit 8 [doc 1-9]
Exhibit 4 [doc1-5] Exhibit 9 [doc 1-10]

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