Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sheila Sawyer joining Small Smiles Dental Centers as In House General Counsel–the previous candidate backed out.

Sheila Sawyer is leaving Wallar Lansden, where she was partner.  
“For the past five years, Sheila’s practice has focused on litigation and government investigations and during that time she has been instrumental, acting as our outside counsel, in assisting the Company with numerous state investigations, successfully resolving all of them.”
Sheila will be leading the Human Resources team, with consists of among other, DeRose relatives, Jacob and Jenna Kochenberger.  Combing “legal” and “human resources” should be a hoot.
It’s said, Sheila has been “a fan of, and terrific advocate” for Small Smiles Dental Centers Church Street Health Management. 
Sheila’s start day is July 18 if all goes well.