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Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA)– Supporting the corporate practice of dentistry where executives get rich, dentists get the shaft and patient care is not even considered.

drmecklerDental Group Practice Association (DGPA)
“a non-profit industry organization representing Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).”
Collectively, practices serviced by DGPA members have:
-1,500+ dental practice locations in 46 states
-3,200+ affiliated/owner dentists
-5 million patient visits
-Projected revenue of more than $5 billion by 2015

So is this “group” going to be the “World Organization” to oversee all facets of dental care at a corporate dental clinic near you?  I hear they meet, and basically divvy up the country and decide who can take over where and set prices, as well as put the pressure on the insurance companies to had them the cash.  Of course they will give you some shitty dental treatment in the midst of it all, but that is NOT the goal.

Appears they are tight with the American Student Dental Association by sponsoring many of their events. Also the Student National Dental Association.  Gosh wonder why that is?
You must read on and learn about this bunch.

“Congrats to our Australia member, Dental Corporation Holdings Limited, who recently formed an exciting partnership with Singapore-based Fortis Global Healthcare Holdings. The 100M deal will allow Dental Corporation to continue to expand its network of premium dental practices across Australia and New Zealand… and should present opportunities in Asia through the Fortis network! “

Executive Director – Edward Meckler, DMD – pictured above.

Affordable Care Dental
Allied Dental
Altima Dental
Aspen Dental
Birner Dental Management Services- Perfect Teeth
Church Street Health Management
Dental Associates
Dental Care Alliance
Dental Corporation Holdings
Dental One Partners
Gentle Dental
Great Expressions
Heartland Dental Care
Midwest Dental
Ocean Dental
Ortho Synetics
Pacific Dental Services
Smiles Brand – Bright Now, Castle Dental, Monarch Dental
Towncare Dental
West Coast Dental

"Oral health leaders at the [Friends of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research] town hall also discussed ideas to promote dentists as primary care givers. "In our own minds, dental care is primary care," said moderator Dushanka Kleinman, DDS, MScD, associate dean for research and academic affairs, School of Public Health, University of Maryland, College Park. "
[In my mind I have 3 billion dollars in the bank, doesn’t make it true.]
Try not to puke reading their press release.

Dental Group Practice Association Members Project Revenue of More Than Five Billion by 2015

New Dental Service Models Thrive In an Ever-Changing Economic and Healthcare Environment

DGPA 12-8-2010 Announces membership growth up by 22% since 2008.

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA), a non-profit industry organization representing Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), announced it has grown to 22 members since 2008, as more dental practices adapt the DSO business model.

Currently, DGPA’s members represent an estimated three billion dollars in revenue, approximately 3,700 dentists and 5 million patient visits per year, with revenue expected to increase to more than 5 billion by 2015.

[Honestly, you think those 3700 dentists they help even know they are being controlled by this group of corporate fatheads?]
The growth of DGPA’s members as a whole is more than double the rate of the overall dental industry (11.5 percent vs. 5.5 percent, respectively), as more dental professionals see value in allowing DSOs to provide service and support to their practices, especially as the economy remains volatile and the insurance industry becomes more complex.
“We think the DSO business model will continue to be a preferable option for dental professionals and patients because it was designed to allow for cost-effective, top-notch patient care,” said Dr. Ed Meckler, executive chairman of DGPA. DGPA members are individually committed to state-of-the-art technology, education and industry excellence.

[Exactly what is that business model, where a corporate entity can practice dentistry?]
DGPA’s members are updated on and invest in novel technology such as CEREC CAD/CAM technology and online scheduling and appointment reminders via e-mail or text messaging.
DGPA believes in industry excellence by seeking to improve standards for the dental industry as a whole. Currently, DPGA is working with some of the leading insurance providers to streamline claims processes and incorporate technology for digital submissions.
“We improve patient care by supporting affiliated dentists with the business knowledge and resources to run an excellent practice,” said Dr. Meckler. “We know that patients are looking for more from their healthcare providers and we are confident that our members and the practices they serve are fully equipped to provide the resources to elevate the standard of care.”
About DGPA
The Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA) is a non-profit industry association that represents Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). Simply put, DGPA members make dentists’ lives easier so they can focus on delivering quality, convenient and affordable dental care to their patients. DGPA support its members by:
Providing support of continuous, forward-thinking dental education
Supporting cost-efficient, time-saving, quality technology
Working with insurance companies to maximize dental plans and bring about easier processes
Forging new alliances with professional, regulatory and government leaders  (not all members are US companies, folks)
Providing dental students with accurate and informative information about the dental industry and alternative career paths
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