Friday, January 25, 2013

Two reports on poor quality of care by dentists claiming expertise in implants


A story by the Bakersfield Californian, reports the California Dental Board has filed a complaint against Dr. Robert Tupac, DDs to the state’s department of consumer affairs.

Dr. Tupac reportedly told one patient “not to worry about a thing, I wrote the book on (dental) implants,"

The report says, the complaint was issued by the state Attorney General raises numerous issues that should result in his licenses being revoked or suspended: for discipline" against Tupac, including gross negligence, altering patient records, aiding and abetting an unlicensed person to practice dentistry, incompetence and obtaining fees by fraud. The document requests that the Dental Board revoke or suspend his license and pay restitution.

According to the report, his dental licenses remain squeaky clean, despite his own professional regulatory board having multiple complaints against him on file AND have filed their own complaint to the California Department of Consumer Affairs!!

“The Dental Board issued Tupac's dental license in 1974. The board's website does not show any previous disciplinary actions against him.”

In a report on KGET-TV’s website it says “The California Dental Board wants to suspend or revoke the license of…”  Well, then why don’t they??  

Newspaper report: Bakersfield dentist accused of incompetence, negligence

California AG Marc Greenbaum’s complaint filed against Robert George Tupac, DDS

Dr. Li Skelton

This situation with Dr. Tupac sounds much like a situation with an implant dentist in Texas who says their office “specializes” in dental implants – Dr. Li Skelton.  Heck her new clinic even promotes tourism dentistry, just to see her.

Maybe Skelton and Tupac went to the same school or something.

Dr. Skelton has been before the Texas Dental Board on several occasions and pretty familiar with Bexar County District Court.  She has been so negligent in care, she too ended up on the local news.

Here is a recent complaint about Dr. Li Skelton, sounds much like Dr. Tupac, right?:

Quality Poor to fair

I noticed this Dr. Li woman has several complaints on the dental board website. I was pressured by her as well to finance the work I needed. I went in there for a simple extraction, she was trying to talk me into some pretty server work that she claimed I needed. The staff was nice but the room they took me into was dirty. I ended up getting what I needed done somewhere else and was told I had beautiful teeth and only one cavity. I don't know what her deal is with the implants she was trying to shove down my throat but I recently noticed she changed her company name to NEW YOU SMILE CENTER. I wonder why? Also one of the dentist listed Dr. Chet Hawkins I can't find anywhere on the Texas Dental Board website other then that he was cited for practicing without a license. I have read things about this woman on several websites. Her citations alone are extremely scary. How is she still practicing?