Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kool Smiles Employee Warns Of Orange Jumpsuits; Wants Parents

Abileen Texas
Former Kool Smiles Employee


This dental clinic runs a very disorganized child factory. They truly only care to see "NEW" kids ages 4 and up that are well behaved as this is the age group that makes them the most revenue.

If your child is scheduled for a six mo cleaning expect to be rescheduled multiple times. Where is the continuance and quality of care? They rarely follow proper protocols on First Dental Home exams provided by the Medicaid program for babies age 6 mo to 36 mo.

The billing fraud that occurs throughout this company should be grounds for imprisonment or at the very least a through investigation by the OIG. I would high discourage anyone from taking their children to Kool Smiles, and find another employer unless you look good in orange jumpsuits. Not a good company to work for or take your precious kids to.