Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey Kool Smiles - Time For The Assistant With The Long Green Fingernails To Go! YUK!

Hopewell, VA 

Kool Smiles Complaint:

Me and my 6 yr old went to Kool Smiles because i was looking for a place to take us both for the convience. It was horrible for me and her. She had a dental assistant with 2+ inch fake green nails that she kept stabbing into my daughters mouth.
My experience left me with a sore mouth and a assembly line experience. Now I can't get them to stop calling me to schedule another appointment and sending me post cards. I have called and called and requested they remove all my information and told them the unpleasant experience we had and they are still calling my work and sending things.

 ATTN:  NCDR, LLC (Kool Smiles)

Clean Up Your Act! 
(I know, a pipe dream) 
Stop Calling People At Their Place of Employment! 
(I get this complaint a lot!)