Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mom Tells Of Recent Kool Smiles Experience In Massachusetts

A mom writes about her experience with Kool Smiles in Massachusetts.  This incident happened the week of July 26, 2010.  If you would like to read this and the numerous comments and other experiences, click here.

If your child has been injured from dental treatment such as almost happened to Kelly, contact Moriarty-Leyendecker here.

I took my kids to the dentist and I am in shock!  My kids have state insurance so I can only go to a few dentists that take Mass Heath. 

So we went to Kool Smiles.  I am ON my kids with brushing and flossing, they eat very little sugar and their teeth look pretty good.  My oldest had 2 spots that looked like they might be little cavities starting. But sadly I was not surprised cus the antiviral meds she has been on for 5 yrs has "stripping enamel of teeth" listed as the 2nd common side effect.

Well guess what?? Kool Smiles said my oldest needs 4 fillings, 2 root canals, and five crowns and my 4 yr old they said needed 3 fillings and 4 crowns!  WTH??????? On baby teeth! They are just trying to rob state insurance by doing procedures that do not need to be done.

So, I called my dentist (who does not take Masshealth) and they said they would give me a 2nd opinion for $30.  I am taking the girls in Wednesday.  But, my dentist was appalled!  He said he has never done a crown on a baby tooth and root canals on baby teeth are usually only for extreme cases! 

I am so pissed! If I can prove my kids do not really need all this dental work done i will be reporting Kool Smiles!

GRRR....Okay vent over! LOL!


So we went to my dentist today.  And the verdict is-        Kool Smiles SUCKS! I already knew that though! LOL!

So, Caitlin does have some bad cavities but NOTHING like Kool Smiles said.  She has 2 small cavities on the top that should be filled and she does have 2 bad cavities on the bottom that if they were permanent teeth would need root canals.  But, since they will fall out in less than 2 year it makes more sense to have them taken out and have spacers put in.  Because the cavity is deep it could cause damage to the permanent teeth underneath if not removed.  They are her 1st set of molars and should not cause any movement in her other teeth by being taken out.

The dentist said her teeth had no plaque on them her gums look great and her permanent molors that have came halfway in looked great.  So, she said it was probably the meds that caused these cavities and if we keep doing what we are doing her teeth should be good.

And the best part is she told me about a great private dentist who takes Masshealth.  When I called them they were not taking new patients, but my dentist called them and they are gonna see both my girls!

So, to summarize we went from Kool Smiles saying she needed 4 fillings, 2 root canals, and 5 crowns to my dentist saying she needed 2 fillings and 2 teeth out! Big freakin jump! huh?

And I called Masshealth and reported the abuse and they  and now have to send someone out to investigate.  And they are sending me papers to file a formal complaint.  And I am calling my local news station ( I have several connections there) and am going to try to get them to do an investigative report.  My dentist said they see this often from Kool Smiles or Small Smiles and on a regular basis from there group.  These kid dentist mills HAVE to be stopped!

Thanks for all the support girls!  I am So glad I got my happy ending!