Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Access West Dental, Asheville, NC-Dr. Letitia (Tish) Ballance

I don't know how old or new this ad is but here is an ad for a job listed at ncdental.org for a new graduate dentist and dental assistants and more.

Access West Dental-Asheville, NC-Dr. Tish Ballance, DDS.

Does Letitia (Tish) have her hand in the cookie jar again and looking to physically and mentally abuse more children in North Carolina? If so, as it appears, who is she in bed with this time. I would think she would want to be more than transparent in her new ventures.

I found an article written back a few years, November 2004 I think, talking about how Tish Ballance had been raised in North Carolina, and instead of going into a normal practice as a dentist she wanted to help the poor children in North Carolina by opening her heart and dedicating her life to helping those children of North Carolina, yeah right, Tish. Sounded good at the time didn't it.

From what I can gather it's scheduled to open in July 2008. Interviews were scheduled for these positions on Saturday 4/12/o8 at the Marriott Residence Inn on Biltmore Avenue, according to career builder website.

Now I'm not that educated as most can tell from the half hazard way this site is thrown together but if I had just gotten named and fined with a cohort, Michael DeRose, 10 million dollars, 10 MILLION DOLLARS I don't know that I would still be out trying to do the same thing again with in 2 days! Then again, maybe I'm just a quick study and some people just aren't.

As you can read from the ad, once again it's a newly formed "group", wonder exactly who is involved in the "group".

Is it just me that finds this just amazingly stupid! Change names, change locations, rinse and repeat!

Honestly those with a sense of humor, you gotta just love this one!

ACCESS WEST DENTAL (Asheville, NC) - Great opportunity to live, work, and play in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina in the progressive Asheville area, earn a great salary with no administration responsibilities, and to dedicate your skills to making a real difference! Join Access West Dental opening soon in Asheville, North Carolina. The newly formed Access West Dental is a private group general dental practice that will concentrate on providing much needed access to quality dental care for the under served children and young adults of western North Carolina. The new state of the art 10,000 sq foot office is presently under construction in west Asheville and will boast a beautiful professionally designed spacious interior, 8 chair fully computerized open hygiene bay, digital radiography throughout with intra-oral cameras, and 10 fully computerized ops to also support the “paperless” office model. In addition, there will be a central sterilization area, 4 private consultation rooms for discreet and informed doctor/patient communications, and a full complement of trained support staff that will consist of 4-5 RDHs, 10 DAs, 5 front desk staff (2 bilingual), plus and office manager and a director of operations. The practice will be open Monday -Thursday, closed a full day on Friday and offers a very competitive guaranteed salary and full benefits package for only a four day work week. New graduates encouraged to apply! Please contact Dr. Tish Ballance at 828-665-4410 or accesswest@gmail.com for more information on this practice opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

You should get your facts straight. I am a current employee of Smile Starters, which Dr. Ballance has sold to a dentist who has worked for her for quite a while. Your little cartoon at the top saying no anesthesia is absolutely ridiculous! No parents are not allowed back, do you have kids? FYI: they generally behave better when not with their parents! There is a bay window that parents can come to to look in and check on their kids. Also Smile Starters / Medicaid Dental Center has not been affiliated with Small Smiles for sometime. You can't imagine how many kids need these services and how many kids are helped each day. This is one of many ludicrous and ridiculous blogs that had been posted by someone who doesn't have the whole story!

Anonymous said...


I will have to say this sounds like the rant of someone who doesn't like being caught with their pants down.

I say that Medicaid Dental Clinic/Smile Starters-Michael DeRose and Small Smiles/FORBA-Edward DeRose are Father and Son respectively.

Guess that makes them brother or sister companies, right!

You are just ticked off cause you've been caught opening yet another "medicaid" "child abusing" clinic and as long as you are operating under these rules and conditions this site will stay up and running for as long as it takes.

Anonymous said...

I would ask the employee of the practice whether the new doctor in the practice was included in the Dental Boards action against Dr. Ballance's practice. If so, then there's no defending them. That the board gave lighter penalties because "they were just following orders" is just incredible. These dentists should have had the guts to see and act against clear abuse of Medicaid rules. As far as I'm concerned they were cowards and sell outs. You want the facts? Go to The Boards website under disciplinary actions. Look for the charges drawn and the names of the dentists cited. Like I said, if the new doctor's name is there, I hope it haunts them the rest of their career forcing them to be very careful how they practice and treat kids.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that she's starting back up another business she and going to be once again billing us (medicaid)!

I mean isn't that like double dipping, she owes them her part of the 10 MIL she stole from us,plus much more I'm sure! Now she's opening another business to bill us (medicaid)some more! C'mom this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of "Smile Starters" and Dr. Tish Ballance, I can tell you that there is NO "bay window" for parents to look through. There's a small window by the HYGIENE area and if parents stay "too long" there, are asked to leave. Employees are told lie after lie about who actually "owns" the clinics, what is happening within the company, etc. As far the new "owner" who has worked there for a long time, he is assuredly ONLY an "owner" in name !! The corporation owns the whole thing and legally a dentist's name HAS to go on the paperwork as being the "owner". And now Tish is opening a new place. Greed has no limits. That's why it is just about impossible to buy malpractice insurance after you work there because the insurance companies are strictly forbidden to issue policies to anyone who works for Tish. UNC Dental School tells its students NOT TO EVER WORK FOR HER.
It is definitely a huge black mark on your name to ever have been associated with her or her associated companies.