Monday, August 11, 2008

Shotty Toothbrushes Sent Home With Patients At Small Smiles, Smile Starters and other Forba Owned Clinics

Little did I know the response I would get when I posted about the toothbrushes imported from China by Brad Padula.  These toothbrushes were supposed to be FDA approved or at least that's what it said.

However, from massive amounts of emails I've received I seriously doubt it, unless the FDA approved toothbrushes loaded with stains on the bristles, crumbing handles that left your mouth full of bristles and pieces parts.  Not that I would expect a quality brush sent home, they want those teeth to rot, right?!

Anyway, if they give you one of those toothbrushes that are not a brand name, take it home and throw the damn thing in the garbage.

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