Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tish Ballance's Hands Back In The Till

Well in just a few weeks is the scheduled opening date of Dr. Tish Ballance's newest medicaid dental clinic, Carolina West Dental located in Waynesville, NC. Can you believe after settling a claim with Dr. Michael DeRose of Pueblo, CO in the amount of $10 million dollars the state of North Carolina is going to let her hands back into the Medicaid till?

Is it just me that finds this outrageous? Surely not.


Above is a picture of what your child may well look like if they go to Dr. Ballance's dental clinic.

This is the same woman who thought it was perfectly fine to put strap innocent children down in papoose boards and fill their mouths with 16-18 stainless steel crowns!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I am not affiliated with Carolina West Dental, Smilestarters or whatever they choose to go by these days. However, I think you are missing the point entirely. North Carolina is very quick to revoke a dentists license for malpractice. Did any of these dentists lose their license? I do not think so. furthermore, I am a dentist and I can tell you right now that if a child receives anterior SSC's (metal crowns) its because their teeth have been neglected and are what you would know as "bombed out teeth." The other option would be extractions. So, basically, if you are not a Dentist or doctor I really do not understand what makes you qualified to comment on such cases. Also, I can attest that when I see patients such as this, if I do not do as much treatment as possible when they are in the chair I may never see them again because their families obviously do not maintain routine dental treatment.