Monday, June 01, 2009

Things Too Quiet On FORBA Small Smiles Investigation

Just returned from a trip to New York City, I'm not going to say weather it was totally business or not but I can say Small Smiles and FORBA's name came up at a few gatherings.

Most of us who have known that medicaid Inspector Generals in several states have been investigating the fraud and child abuse at FORBA's Small Smiles Clinics are starting to wonder if they are just going to let this pass by without prosecution. It's sure starting to look like it. We are hoping that our government protects us better than that, but one just never knows.

To any of the local Investigative reporters out there, maybe it's time for a follow up story. We have to stay on this or we all know what will happen, NOTHING!

I'm not exactly sure but I think there is an attorney out there who would love to take this on. See the term 'qui tam'.

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