Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Youngstown, Ohio Small Smiles Dental Center Dentist Has Hair Pulled by Patient

October 12, 2011
cassandraallenBy JOE GORMAN - reporter ( , Tribune Chronicle |

YOUNGSTOWN - An Idlewood Avenue woman reportedly unhappy with work on her tooth was arraigned Tuesday in Municipal Court on accusations that she pulled her dentist's hair and wouldn't let go.

Cassandra Allen, 21, was arraigned on two counts of assault. Judge Elizabeth Kobly set bond at $10,000, as well as ordering that Allen have no contact with the Small Smile Dental Center on Mahoning Avenue or any of its employees.

Police reports state that Allen went to the office about 9 a.m. Monday, upset over some work done on her tooth. A dentist tried to help her, but several times during the process, Allen complained, the report states.

Allen then jumped the dentist from behind and pulled her hair, reports state.

The dentist yelled and an employee rushed in and tried to get between them. Allen hit the employee with one hand while pulling the dentist's hair with the other, the report states. The employee had several scratches on her arm, reports state.

Another dentist then stepped between Allen and the first dentist, and the dentist and employee ran out of the room, reports state.

The second dentist then fixed Allen's tooth, police said.

The dentist that was attacked told police she had not fixed Allen's tooth in the first place and she spent 30 minutes trying to fix it before she was attacked.

Allen was taken to the Mahoning County Jail, where she was held pending her court appearance. She appeared as if she had been crying when she appeared via video hookup.

[probably from a toothache]

Assistant Prosecutor Basil Ali told Kobly that Allen had no prior record other than a failure to appear warrant that was issued for a traffic case.

My opinion, serves them right for all the children they’ve mistreated!!  What goes around comes around, sometimes in spades!  Yeah, patient should have NEVER gone back for treatment since they did such a crap job the first time, but maybe she had no choice in the matter. 

Someone with a toothache is a dangerous thing, and I can certainly understand.  I'm thinking there may be a lot more to this story.  A lot more!

Questions around the dental center’s ownership

January 26, 2010 – Small Smiles Dental Center of Youngstown, LLC – Jodi Kuhn, DDS and Patricia Nicklas, DDS changed its name to Small Smiles Dental Center of Youngstown, LLC to Jodi Kuhn, DDS and Olivia Croom, DDS.

What was the sales price of Patricia Nicklas, DDS interest in the company or did she just give it away? How much did Olivia Croom pay for her part of the company? Did Patricia Nicklas report this sale on her tax return; be it gain or loss?  If not, why not?

Another question is; how much did Jodi Kuhn, DDS and Patricia Nicklas, DDS pay for their interest in Small Dental Center of Youngstown, LLC?   In February 2007 it belonged to two other dentists; Knott and Andrus.   Records show in 2007 Small Smiles Dental Center of Youngstown, LLC , belonged to Kenneth E. Knott, DDS and Robert Andrus, DDS.  By September 2008 it belonged to Kuhn and Nicklas.  Did any one pay taxes or write off a long term loss in 2007 or 2008, someone should have?

In October 2010 Kuhn and Nicklas names have been replaced with Michael Crites, DDS.  Did Kuhn or Croom report this sale on their tax returns?  If not, why not?  Did they too give it away?

Michael Crites, DDS video