Sunday, December 23, 2012

This “corporate structure” Kool Smiles graphic is too funny for words

I suppose since not a soul can get in front of a legislative body (i.e. Diane Earle at Texas Hearing) and explain the lies, they figured a picture might do the trick.

The fact they need this speaks volumes! Imagine the fun one could have with this thing. Just saying.

Don’t miss the interactive flags over at their website. It’s a hoot! Just mouse over each red flag in the various departments for NCDR’s explanation of each one.

Kool Smiles Corp Structure Graphic











Statement of Bullsh*$

NCDR provides Kool Smiles with state-of-the-art software that runs scheduling, ... NCDR's IT department assists Kool Smiles dentists, hygienists, and office staff.

Remember Kool Smiles Regional Director – Diane Earle Texas Hearing October 15, 2012