Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What does Scientology and Muslim Extremist have in common? It appears the answer is Texas Medicaid $ and Juan Villarreal, DDS

Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform (TDMR) testified before the Texas Senate Finance Committee recently. The group was "singing the blues", saying all the reports of any such fraud taking place in Texas are lies. .

Despite recent reports of $1billion dollars in Medicaid monies being recovered by the Texas Attorney General’s office in the last 10 years, the group’s attorney, Greg Ewing, all but called it hogwash at the hearing.

Their press release contained the mother of all Freudian Slips and guess who was lucky enough to find it?  

The original link to their website contained in the press release read “Texas Dentists for Medicaid Fraud.” In that entire press release there were two truthful statements: the speaker was in fact Greg Ewing and their mission is Medicaid Fraud

TDMR - 02-01-2013-magnify

Within three days after this blog pointed it out, the PRWeb press release had been changed.  Now there is only one honest statement, Greg Ewing’s name, and that might be in question at this point. Do they read this blog, you bet!


This group has the fingerprints of savvy political operatives all over it.  You know what I mean; call it one thing even though it’s something else.

Their name gives the illusion they are for “reform”.  I suspect in reality they are for “fraud”, as their “fraudian” slip (above) indicated.  Their actions indicate the only reform they support is for the Texas OIG or AG to disband any investigations in to Medicaid fraud.  See their January 2013 testimony in front of the Texas Senate Finance Committee.

Anyone want to take bets on whether their web presence will appear they are middle of the road, trying to fix what’s broken, etc.?  Truth is, they don’t want what’s broken fixed at all!

Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform Fraud appears to be a group of radicals and extremist; those on the fringe of society. Below is a recap of the group and it’s members.

The executives are listed as:

  1. President, Greg Ewing, who fails to mention on the group’s website he is employed by Chicago attorney, Mazen Asbahi – with ties to Jamal Said and the Muslim Brotherhood of America, a known Palestinian Arab terrorist group funding Hamas. Asbahi has been in the news a lot. After being outted by the WSJ Asbahi resgined as Obama’s Muslim liaison, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) hit the media circuit in defense of Mr. Ashabi. CAIR’s website lists many article where Mazen Asbahi is tagged. Federal prosecutors in Texas (surprise!) filed charges in 2004 against the Holy Land Foundation, naming Jamal Said and his group, Allied Assets Advisors Fund, as “co-conspirators”.
  2. Tara Rios Ybarra, DDS, fails to metion her real name on the TDMR website. Ybarra is a disgraced Texas Representative arrested in 2010 for Medicaid fraud, while in office. Many say she is just an idiot and was put in office as a puppet for big insurance companies. Other comments about her are not even fit for this blog. Rios Ybarra is married to Dr. Richard Joe Ybarra (aka R. Joe Ybarra, MD) who knows a thing or two about the Corporate Practice of Medicine. Crystal Cassidy v The Academy of Emergency Medicine and Richard J. Ybarra v TeamHealth, Inc. case 01-08-00324-CV. Emergence Urgent Care - R. Joe Ybarra (you can’t make this stuff up, people);
  3. Scientologist Juan Villarreal, DDS of Harlingen Family Dentistry where a young boy died last year do to incompetence and disregard for patient safety in my opinion. In 2002 Villarreal’s dental clinic was accused of forcing workers to attend training lecture that included Scientology indoctrination. Villarreal has also been accused of trying to impose his Scientology beliefs in public schools. with his “The Way to Happiness Essay Contests. Hayden James has written about his experience working for Villarreal, titled How Radical Scientology Rips Off Medicaid.-there are 181 comments. and;
  4. Scientologist Vivian Teegardian, DDS also of Harlingen Family Dentistry, someone with under the sheets type of relationship to Juan Villarreal – where he goes, Vivian Teegardian goes. They are both involved in the Narcanon – Criminon Scientology movement in Texas in a place called The Bridge Community Outreach Center.  (What is this with dentists and Narconon – Criminon anyway? It seems to be a way of dentists in more than just Texas – Another Narconon Criminon Lawsuit involving a dentists.) Last but not least on the TDMR lists is;
  5. Fellow Scientologist Lorie Imken, who is listed on the TDMR website as Austin Office Manager. Lorie and her husband, Mike are very active in Scientology new churches – Ideal Scientology Organizations. Ideal Orgs, for short.

What I’m sure of, is Dr. Juan Villarreal and his Scientology friends didn’t pick up the phone book and find Mazen Asbahi’s law firm. 

I’ve not seen any law firm with ads that read “Call Us for All Your Medicaid Fraud Needs” or “Is the Government trying to butcher your cash cow, call us at 1-800-wecansaveyourcow. 

No, that did not happen. Which tells me that it is highly likely Mazen Asbahi’s law firm came looking for Villarreal and his 3 stooges.

Why is that do you suppose?


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