Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ontario Teachers Union Pension Fund takes over My Dentist Complete Care Dentistry


My Dentist Complete logoAccording to reports, including the one at The City Wire, Heartland Dental has taken control of My Dentist Complete Care Dentistry, founded by the late Dr. Rodney Pat Steffan in Oklahoma City, OK. What reports fail to mention is who actually “controls” Heartland Dental.  That would be Ontario' Teachers Union Pension Fund.  According to Business Week, the union pension fund took over in December 2012, to the tune of $650 million.


city wire logo“Heartland Dental’s vision and values align perfectly with the principles on which Dr. Steffen founded My Dentist,” stated Kevin Offel, My Dentist president and CEO said in a statement.

That is a scary statement for any and all My Dentist patients! 

city wire logoThe My Dentist locations will continue to use the same branding and signage now used.


This is what makes it so shady and hard to determine the ownership and control of these corporate mills. 

city wire logo“Through our affiliation with Heartland Dental, I am confident we will continue operating My Dentist with the integrity and same caring heart we have always demonstrated,” Dr. Jennifer Chambers said. “I am personally excited as both a Clinical Director and a practicing dentist to carry-on the values and practices instilled in us with My Dentist while enhancing our capabilities going forward with our Heartland Dental affiliation.”

There is that word, ‘affiliation” again!  Jot down Dr. Jennifer Chambers’ name, I’m sure someone will need this information in the future.


city wire logoThe transaction is subject to certain regulatory and other approvals and is expected to be completed within 60 days. Upon completion of the transaction, My Dentist will be affiliated with a company that provides dental support services to more than 500 dental offices in 26 states.


Wonder what those “certain regulatory and other approvals” are exactly.  Since each state where they operate, other than Kansas, have laws on the books prohibiting the corporate practice of dentistry.  They are, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas.  Kansas mistaken let Comfort Dental have access to their citizens a couple of years ago, despite much protest.  Think anyone will consider that the Ontario (Canada) Teaschers Union Pension Plan controls Heartland Dental

The screen shot below smells of the Aspen Dental bait and switch business model, don’t you think?

My Dentist Complete screen shot








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