Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AIG’s stalking attorney, Scott Greenspan is making headlines.

scott greenspan - stalking attorneyAIG’s stalking attorney, Scott Greenspan is making headlines.  Below is the article from The Post-Standard in Syracuse, NY.  Most interesting are the comments.  I’ve reposted just a few following the article.  There is an article at the New York Law Journal as well – subscription required






The Post Standard - Syracuse




'Creepy' jury stalker hired by insurance giant AIG forces retrial in Syracuse dentistry malpractice case

Douglass Dowty | ddowty@syracuse.com By Douglass Dowty  ddowty@syracuse.com

November 19, 2013 at 6:07 AM

Syracuse, NY -- A jury's finding of no wrongdoing against a Syracuse dentistry accused of mistreating poor children will not stand after a "creepy" jury stalker prejudiced the verdict, a judge ruled Monday.

State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Karalunas ordered a new trial in the malpractice case against Small Smiles dental clinic, which operated on South Geddes Street before closing in March 2012.

The parents of Jeremy Bohn were among nearly three dozen to accuse Small Smiles of unneeded and improper treatment involving poor children. Bohn's case was decided by jury in October, which found no wrongdoing by the dental clinic.

But in a weird twist, the jurors complained to the judge after the trial about a stalker. The man was identified as Scott Greenspan, who said he was hired by the dental clinic's insurance company, AIG. Greenspan told the judge he was hired to observe the trial, nothing more.

But here are some descriptions of Greenspan's actions, taken from court transcripts after the trial:

Judge Karalunas:

The first question the jurors asked me was whether they did a good job. The second
question the jurors asked me was who was the individual who was stalking them
throughout this trial. When I inquired of the jurors what did the person look like who was "stalking" them, to use the juror's word, they advised me that it was the individual who I had admonished - I don't know that the jury used that word - during the course of the trial, the individual with the computer.

The jurors described for me their interactions with you, Mr. Greenspan. They used the
word you were creepy, that you were very seedy, that you were in the elevator with them frequently, that you followed them to various places where they had lunch, identifying four restaurants; that you were waiting in the lobby of the court[house] and got into the elevator with them after lunch to ride up in the elevator with them.

A juror:

He followed us everywhere. When we would go to lunch, he'd follow us to where we were going. One day we had an hour and 15 minutes, a little bit of extra time, so we walked down to Armory Square to Blue Tusk. And I told the other jurors, this guy is following us everywhere. So after the third time I saw him, I said look behind you, that's what I'd say to them, and he would always be there.

But when we would go on the elevator, he would always be there. When we got outside, we would go to have a cigarette right out front, he'd always be standing close by. When
we got back on the elevator to come up, he was always there.

Judge: How did this person make you feel?

Juror: Scared. I didn't like it. It was creepy. Especially because he did follow us everywhere and we didn't know who he was. I was very curious because I was sick and tired of him following us. And I said I'm going to ask him, if he's got the nerve to follow us around, I'm going to have the nerve to ask him why.... I just did not like it. He was everywhere we went. You know, to me that's stalking. You don't do that.

I agree with Judge Karalunas' decision in this case.Some of the comments on here are obviously written by uneducated and uninformed citizens. There are many people that can go anywhere that serves alcohol without consuming any but as you can see, that's quite a "notion" to some people out there. As for the comments about "many people", blah, blah, blah, READ the whole article and your questions would be answered. Unfortunately it is the working class citizens with great reputations that are chosen as jurors and not those whom have nothing better to do than sit around and "judge" the actions of others without taking all of the facts into consideration. Thank God that you can't be chosen. Unless you are "walking in another mans shoes"........

foobah woobah join
Should have just turned around and NAILED the guy in the nose !!! Best way to get rid of any 'clingers-on'.

Everyone involved in the legal system knows do not trust Kevin Hulslander or his firm Smith, Sovik. They are snakes. These actions should not surprise anyone. Where is the attorney grievance committee or the DA when you need them? Millions spent on defense, not a dime for the injured victim. American justice in action--fortunately the judge intervened.

I'm fairly certain jury tampering is a crime. If no one is arrested for jury tampering, then the verdict should stand as is. Why waste more taxpayer money and jurors' time for a retrial?

Cool - The trial was going badly for the Plaintiffs and the Insurance Stalker made sure to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory...
Open the Insurer up to liability all over again.