Thursday, October 16, 2014

Small Smiles now under direction of former Small Smiles Employee gone rogue: Ron Montano, Hero Dental Management and Adventure Dental and Vision.

If you are seeing more commercials for Adventure Dental and Vision lately it’s not an accident.  Check the phone number, it’s actually Small Smiles clinics.

Hero Dental Management is the new FORBA/Church Street Dental Management/CSHM and many Small Smiles clinics are now under the umbrella of Hero taking the name Adventure Dental and Vision.

Ron Montano broke out on his own and created Hero Dental Management and clinics operating as Adventure Dental just like Drs. Pham and Tran broke away and created NCDR and Kool Smiles.

Montano was so pleased with the way Small Smiles structured their business model he took some employees with him and the DeRose Family sued him.

Same old story, just different name, folks. Little has changed other than signage and letter head. But we all knew this, didn’t we.

I guess they forgot the boasting press release.