Monday, June 01, 2015

Dentist the Menace Reader Quiz, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 Dentist the Menace Reader Quiz
Designed to test readers knowledge and add a bit of humor while educating others

By: Debbie Hagan and  Michael W. Davis, DDS

The dental profession has a good number of abusers to the public welfare. Dentist the Menace readers are well aware of these violators, the companies they represent or work for, and complicit state and federal regulators. This quiz will test your knowledge of the dirty dark underbelly of the dental profession.

Multiple Choice Questions
1.    The following is true for Dr. Eddie DeRose of Pueblo, CO:
A.    He has a history of gambling junkets on private jets to Las Vegas to visit his goomarahs and play a Vegas gambling “whale”.
B.    His favorite clinic quote in reference to female staff is, “I could train monkeys to do a better job than you girls.” This led to wild speculation that Dr. DeRose’s Italian ancestors may have been trainers of organ grinder monkeys.
C.    As a dentist primarily treating low-income disadvantaged Medicaid children, he also owned a stake in DD Marketing, which placed junk food and soda pop vending machines in low-income public schools.
D.    All of the above.

2.    The following is true for Dr. Michael DeRose of Pueblo, CO:
A.  He has special-needs & mentally challenged younger brother, who formerly played football for the LSU Tigers. This formed the basis for the Adam Sandler movie, Water Boy.
B.   As part of a consent agreement with the State of North Carolina for alleged Medicaid fraud, Dr. DeRose agreed to surrender his dental license and agreed to pay the State of North Carolina several million dollars.
C.   This is an individual who enjoys the simple things in life, and today continues to live         in the modest 3-bedroom home he purchased 20-years ago.
D.  All of the above.

3.    The following is true for criminal defense law firm of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLC of Nashville, TN:
A.    They are an industry member of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO).
B.    This law firm has previously represented Dr. Richard Malouf, an alleged Medicaid fraudster of Dallas, TX notoriety.  
C.    This law firm has previously represented Church Street Health Management (d/b/a Small Smiles Dental, today bankrupt & disgraced), with law partner, Sheila Sawyer formerly acting as Chief Administrative Officer.
D.    All of the above.

4.    Chief legal counsel Robert K. DeConti of the federal HHS-OIG has a nickname for the “K”:
A.    “K” is for Kandyman, because of the sweetheart agreements he’s known to give out to corporate healthcare Medicaid & Medicaid fraudsters, as well as violations from big pharma.
B.    “K” is for King Kong, because of tough-fisted agreements and prosecutions he hammers out to white collar criminals, inclusive of criminal indictments.
C.    “K” is for Kiss Butt, because of his desire to retire from government service and assume a position as partner for one of the white collar criminal defense firms, he was supposedly fighting against.
D.    “K” is for Klown, because of his and his staff attorney’s total lack of motivation to pursue cases against white collar crime, in support of US taxpayers.

5.    The following is true for Dr. Richard “Big Dick” Malouf:
A.    Dr. Malouf was allegedly involved in dental Medicaid fraud for several 100’s of millions of dollars in the State of New York.
B.    Dr. Malouf’s wife, Leanne, allegedly has no part in his business and legal affairs.
C.    Today, Dr. Malouf has established an amusement theme park, based on multiple roller-coasters at his mansion home in north Dallas.
D.    Dr. Malouf does a highly credible impersonation of Michael Jackson.

6.    The following is NOT true for Kool Smiles Dental:
A.    Their founding principles were initially trained and employed by the DeRose family’s Small Smiles Dental.
B.    Many of their manager dentists also formerly worked for Small Smiles Dental in CO.
C.    Licensed dentists, who actually work in that specific Kool Smiles Dental clinic, are the lawfully valid beneficial owners, of that specific dental clinic.
D.    The primary income for Kool Smiles Dental comes from dental Medicaid billings.

7.    Child restraints called papoose boards, taco wraps, or rainbow wraps, which are a mainstay of many dental Medicaid mills are:
A.    A method to generate maximal “PPP” (production per patient) disregarding a child’s attention span, comprehension level, and pain.
B.    A child protective stabilization device, which is always demonstrated to parents, as an essential part of the informed consent process.
C.    Never addressed by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) Guidelines.
D.    Today accepted by the American Barbers’ Association, as an accepted method in delivery of child and adolescent haircuts.

8.    Oral conscience sedation for pediatric dental patients- Select the true statement:
A.    Without any true associated risks and a parental informed consent is rarely required.
B.    Always a wonderfully safe alternative to hospital sedation.
C.    Records for child morbidity and mortality are not retained by any dental organization, for related dental sedation cases with adverse outcomes.
D.    All of the above.

9.    Corporate private equity fund ownership of dental practices is:
A.    Unlawful in most states, but usually not enforced.
B.    Unlawful under federal Fifth Circuit Ruling 07-30430.
C.    Places a third party directing patient care, between the doctor and patient, usually without the patient’s knowledge or consent.
D.    All of the above.

10.    R Kirk Huntsman is:
A.    A licensed and practicing dentist in the State of Texas.
B.    The poster-boy for the dental service organization (DSO) industry, who unlawfully directed doctors’ care of dental patients. He closed down an Austin practice, which lead to immediate patient abandonment without notice.
C.    A well respected international lecturer on the damage the DSO industry causes the public.
D.    Refused to direct the care of doctors he managed, and allowed the individual doctor to decide which dental laboratory to use in their patient’s best interest.

11.    Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson:
A.    Gave Small Smiles Dental a backdoor sweetheart deal through the State Investment Counsel worth $1/2 mil.
B.    In support of the public interest, he declined to appoint former nominee owner (sham-owner) of Small Smiles of Santa Fe, Dr. Ken Padilla, to the position of state director of dental Medicaid. 
C.    Led the fight to remove DD Marketing’s (owned & managed by Small Smiles Dental DeRose family) junk food and soda pop vending machines from disadvantaged public schools, in challenged neighborhoods.
D.    Swapped girl friends with Dr. Eddie DeRose.

12.    Dr. Thomas Floyd of Florida:
A.    Still retains his Florida dental license, as he successfully defended allegations of many years of child abuses.
B.    Made his living off dental Medicaid billings.
C.    Publicly spoke out against Dr. Howard S. Schneider, for alleged abuses of Medicaid children in Jacksonville, FL.
D.    Publicly spoke out against Dr. Michael Tarver, for alleged abuses of Medicaid children in Ocala, FL.