Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DentaQuest Back in the Texas Medicaid Business?

Is DentaQuest back in the Texas Medicaid business?

Apparently so.

According to DFW Dental Team, who operates out of the newly licensed (Sep 2016) DFW Children’s Surgery Center dentist can “refer” patients and right there on their very interesting website is a link to DentaQuest forms.

161122-DFW Dental Team - DentaQuest screen shot




There is so much more to this story so expect an indepth look VERY soon.

Just for a sneal peek, let’s just say it involves a couple of Harvard grads (Brian Walker and Jonathan Jardine),  some Brigham Young University grads, a very proud Harvard professor and a bunch of dentists whom I would say are ethically challenged; a former Kool Smiles dentist, Dr. Diaa Zora and another “owner” dentist,  Dr. Ketan Sukkawala, being just two of the many.

It involves several business names such as:

North End Health Care http://www.nehc.com/ (Note the Harvardesque logo)
North End Capital, LLC Eagle, Idaho
Blue Cloud Pediatric Surgery Centers http://txcpa.lookupbook.net/blue-cloud-pediatric-surgery-centers-llc-houston-tx
HCDC Professionals, PLLC
San Antonio Children’s Ambulatory Surgical Center http://sachildrenssurgical.com/
SACS Professionals, PLLC
San Antonio Dental Team http://sadentalteam.com/ (ignore the statement that the surgery center is owned separtely)
DFW Children’s Surgery Center http://dfwchildrens.com/
DFW Dental Team http://dfwdentalteam.com/ (ignore the statement that the surgery center is owned separtely)
Referral Care, Inc http://www.nehc.com/affiliates.html

If you can’t wait you can check out:

North End HealthCare: Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery Center Expansion Strategy (don’t miss the disclaimer on page one)

Oh, and at the end (Strategic Decision) where Brian is asking himself questions..the answer is not only no, but hell no!