Saturday, February 16, 2019

Tailwind Capital's Dental Service Organization Investments: Benevis and Lone Peak

Just an FYI, since I'm sure this information will be needed one day:

Smiles 4 Kids, which had been purchasing many old Small Smiles clinics and Kool Smiles are both now operated by Tailwind Capital.

Benevis is Kool Smiles and Resolution Dental
Lone Peak is Smiles 4 Kids as well as a few other names.

Financing for Benevis's sale to Tailwind seems to be, in part,  by New Mountain Finance and happened during the 1st quarter of 2018. Probably before the ink on the Kool Smiles settlement was dry. 

In a May 2018 conference call transcript New Mountain states:
Our new investments were highlighted by a larger-size directed origination of a unitranched loan for Benevis, several club deals including a loan to ACA Compliance and one addition to both our net leased portfolio and our SBIC investing program. We believe that the consistency of our deal flow in this competitive market shows the strength of the broad sourcing network that we have built.
(unintranched debt: debt is a type of structured debt that obtains funding from multiple participants with varying term structures.)

In their 2018 holdings report, Washington State Investment Board is invested is Tailwind and New Mountain.

Although Benevis still shows up on FFL Partners website's portfolio page,  it is listed under the "Former" tab on their website.

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