Friday, July 18, 2008

Adventure Dental and Vision, yep vision too

Adventure_Dental_Sign Before going any further, I want to warn you that the owner of these clinics worked for and was trained by FORBA and Drs. Michael and Ed DeRose and Dan DeRose as well as Michael Roump of the infamous Small Smiles clinics that mistreat and abuse children and have been accused of medicaid fraud.

Looks like there's yet another dental clinic on the rise catering to low income Medicaid children only this one is going to take care of eye care as well. (I bet FORBA hates they hadn't thought about this new cash cow!)

Adventure Kids Dental and Vision (yes vision is being added I suppose unless there is something about seeing with ones teeth that I'm not aware of).

This place started out in Colorado Springs, CO (yep, Colorado again) as Academy Kids Dental and is the brain child of Ronald (Dr. Ron) Brandon Montano once again another former Small Smiles dentist, like Dr. Tran and Dr. Pham of Kool Smiles being former Small Smiles (Ed and Michael DeRose trained) dentists.

As of right now there is a clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado another in Greenley, Colorado and one on the east coast in Brockton, Massachusetts and two in the DC area.

This clinics theme is cartoon action hero with the main character being "Captain Smiles". see

And the 'management company' for Adventure Kids Dental, sometimes referred to as Adventure Dental, is Hero Management. (an email address on one of the websites is

So what's the deal with every dental clinic needing it's own personal management company anyway?

Another of it's websites is:

The staff at the Colorado Springs clinics includes Drs. Ron Mantano, Mario Montanez, Melissa Montano and Steven Gould.

The Greenley dentist is Dr. Amy Jorgensen

No one is listed in the Brockton office so it might not be open yet, who knows.

Anyway there are two now opening in the Washington, DC hotbed:

1253 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD


1305 Rhode Island Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20018

..both 4746 wonder what special meaning those numbers have to Dr. Ron?

We can only hope that complaints don't come flying in for Adventure Dental. Hopefully Dr. Ron learned what NOT to do while working at Small Smiles in Colorado Springs. I heard he was let go, so that's a good sign since Small Smiles/FORBA doesn't keep dentists who are patient and nice to children.

Time will tell.

Anyway it's looking like the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area of the country needs it's own fully staffed task force, complete with a SWAT team to keep a close eye on all the dental clinics for the poor.

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Anonymous said...

I took my five year old here yesterday who had a infected tooth that needed to be pulled and they tried to put a restraint on her and hold her head down while pulling her tooth out.

Anonymous said...

this dental clinic is just like small smiles. They allow dental assistants to scale teeth, which is totally against the colorado practice act! Its cheaper to hire dental assistants and let them polish calculus and use hygiene scalers inadequately. Im sure the parents are not aware that their childrens teeth are being scaled by someone who has not had proper training and certification to practice dental hygiene. The staff ensures the parents that the dentist will see the patients also. Do you really think dentist enjoy scaling teeth? If they did I would certainly be out of a job. I know this happens because i was employed at one of these places. Its all about that mighty dollar and how many prophy's they can bill out, when the truth is those kids got a polishing.

Debbie said...

Yes, it's exactly like Small Smiles, the owner,Ronald (Dr. Ron) Brandon Montano was trained very well by Dr. Eddie and Dr. Mike DeRose.

I would suggest since you were employed there, you file a whistler blower suit, let the DOJ investigate and take home the prize which will be part of any settlement.

Save some children from these places.

anonymous said...

I took my child here and something went wrong...although the dentist tried to reassure me that everything was normal. My child looked as if she was having mini seizures and they still wanted to continue getting the other cavities! Absolutely not! We have many appointments with physicians to figure out what happened!!