Friday, July 18, 2008

Dr. Kenneth Knott: Owner or Front Man?

Recently I checked out a Small Smiles yellow page ad in a city to be named later.

They ad read in part:

Care Provided by OH Licensed General Dentists
-Dr. Kenneth E. Knott & Dr. Robert Andrus, Owners

I just don't believe that is true.

They do not provide the care as it would lead you to believe and they don't 'own' the clinic either. Neither of these dentists have touched a mouth full of teeth in years.

Dr. Kenneth Knott is listed as FORBA's Senior Vice President-Central Region according to their internal employee list.

Dr. Knott has licenses in Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and others. Dr. Robert Andrus is licensed in all these states as well.

So is being a 'senior vp for FORBA really mean, you go from state to state in your region, take some tests if any, hopefully pass them, apply for and obtain licenses so that we can hang them in the rogue clinics. So I guess that makes one a "professional licenses obtainer", right?

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