Thursday, October 30, 2008

Forba/Small Smiles Entering Orthodontics Market

Looks like just doing unnecessary dental work. abusing children for profit and fraudulently billing medicaid isn't enough for Small Smiles. They are now looking to venture into orthodontics.

See job listing for an orthodontist in MA.

If their orthodontic work is anything like their general dentistry work the children's teeth will go from perfectly aligned to completely screwed up.

If you are an Orthodontist applying for a job at Small Smiles I suggest you do your homework before even thinking about considering a job with this horrible company.

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Anonymous said...

It is unimaginable how any orthodontist would want to give him or herself away to Small Smiles. It is bad enough being a g.p. there.
Small Smiles needs to be flushed down the toilet. And Medicaid needs a major overhaul. Both are bad. One is about throwing money away. The other is about grabbing all they can. It aint about healthcare!