Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Small Smiles New Signage For It's Albany, NY Clinic

007 This is the new face of Forba's (Small Smiles) Clinic in Albany, NY.
It's now called Access Dentistry Albany on the window, however when Dr. Izadi was looking for new employees online his email was

005 As you can clearly see Dr. Izadi is still there just as he was when the place was called Small Smiles.

Look, it's clear that as Small Smiles hit the air waves there under a cloud of allegations of Dr. Izadi abusing children and defrauding Medicaid Forba simply changed the name of the clinic, had Dr. Izadi apply to receive Medicaid payments directly instead of through Forba and it was business as usual. They didn't skip a beat. Within 10 days of being shut out of the NY Medicaid program in May of 2008 they were back in business. I'm not sure they ever locked the door on the place during those few days.

It's reported that payments from Medicaid are deposited into a bank in Wisconsin and guess where Forba/Small Smiles banks, yep Associated Bank located in Wisconsin.

Don't be fooled folks, this is still the same Small Smiles office that was reported on by Steve Flamisch, they have just changed the signage. Be sure to see his reports on this site.
Do Not take your children there for dental care!

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Anonymous said...

These Small Smiles/ FORBA people are wormy sleezebags. They are like a male dog going after a female dog in heat when it comes to going after those Medicaid dollars.
The way they operate is just a shameful slur on the practice of dentistry. But it does prove that there is a large segment of the dental profession that is not professional, that really do not have healthcare for the people they take money from in mind.
To heck with the so-called underserved. These people are taking and wasting hard-earned money from us working people...
Stop throwing money at these people will stop the greed that Small Smiles and FORBA opearate by.