Monday, April 12, 2010

Dr. Robert Andrus Back In Business, Giggles

Dr. Robert (Bob) Andrus

It appears they are letting Dr. Robert (Bob) Andrus practice dentistry in Colorado.  Since his departure with FORBA’s Small Smiles as regional manager he’s opened his own clinic.  He has given it the cutest little name-Giggles.  Anyone want to guess whether he accepts children on Medicaid or not?  Of Course!

ID Number:
Trade Name:
True Name of Registrant:
Formation Date: 6-25-2009

Dr. Bob, remember is one of the many dentists who lent his name and license number to be added to business registration required in most states, along with Dr. Kenneth Knot (Ken Knott) also known as Dr. Can Not.

Kallene West, Dr. Robert Andrus and Dr. Ken Knott were fired from FORBA in late summer of 2008.  There were some discrepancies in how Dr. Bob and Dr. Ken were able to renew their dental license and it is said Kallene took online Continuing Education courses or forged the credentialing documents, maybe both.  I do not know.  

I am also told Kallene did the same for Dr. Bridget Merritt-Brooks, yet Dr. Bridget was not fired.  She is one of the top producers for FORBA and their string of Small Smiles Clinics.

Dr. Bob is also the dentist who is known for fits of anger and rage in the operatories.  Throwing instruments and even one report from a dental assistant who told me he was treating a small 3 year old in an Ohio clinic and the child was not being very cooperative.  Dr. Bob proceed to poke the examination mirror down the child's throat and cause the child to gag.  He then leaned down in whispered in the child's ear, "if you do not cooperate, I will do it again." 

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Anonymous said...

I used to drive 25 minutes to A Wild Smile, and I was always very pleased with their work. I switched to Giggles because it is only 5 minutes from my house, but it has been nothing but trouble. None of my kids (ages almost 7, 8, and 9) had ever had a cavity before. On our first visit Dr. Andrus said my youngest had 1 small cavity - not unbelievable considering her age. We came back and got it filled, no problem. On our second cleaning visit, I was told my oldest daughter, who'd had her molars sealed at Wild Smile, needed to have her teeth resealed. I didn't realize sealant didn't last, so he resealed them. He also told me my youngest had 1 very small cavity and two naturally occurring pits in her back teeth that he felt should be filled even though they weren't cavities. Fine. I took her back and had the pits filled, she didn't need anesthetic. My husband took her in for her the actual filling a month later. She came home with three fillings! Or so the bill said. In addition to that, within minutes of leaving his office, my daughter's lip developed an enormous and disgusting canker sore. He said she bit her lip, but that is what the cotton roll is supposed to prevent, right? I think he clipped her with some dental tools, but I can't prove anything, so I just treated it with peroxide. I didn't bother to fill the prescription he gave me for Children's Tylenol with Codeine - it seemed like a ridiculous prescription for a canker sore. Anyway, I reminded him that he told me my daughter had one cavity and two pits - he said she had 3 cavities and 2 pits. If I had been told that my daughter who'd had the only cavity out of all my kids now had three cavities six months after her last cleaning, I would have remembered that and had a fit on my kid!

I wish I had Googled this guy before I left a perfectly good dentist merely for a convenient drive from my house. I'm just lucky it wasn't worse.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bob has been a great dentist to my kids I changed from Kids Dental to Giggles and I love the change. Staff has been always really nice and Dr. Bob always explain the treatment plans of my kids and point the cavities on the X-rays. My daughter also sufer from canker sores and the prescription he gave me did the job, she haven't had a sore since then. Im really happy with his work.