Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dead Children In Dental Chair Preventable? Talking Points Memo From AAPD

The aftermath of yesterday’s post, that was supposed to be in your face shocking, has generated some of the longest emails I’ve received in a long time.  All from people who are frustrated nothing is being done to stop these needless deaths.  Some believe there is a cover-up by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  Probably more like "turn that light off", don't shine it over this way.   Many expect the number to rise because of the Medicaid dental mills spreading faster than I can list them across the US. 

The carelessness that caused these deaths happens in just about every operatory room all day every day, with each child that is separated from their parent and taken back to that dreaded room and the dreaded papoose board.

One thing is for sure, the AAPD has a huge public relations nightmare on it’s hands, especially in 2010 as is evident in a memo reportedly sent out by the AAPD.  This memo was first reported at Health News Florida in May.

Noticed that I highlighted all the remarks from the "professionals" when asked about these dead children.

Guidelines have been in place for 25 years, and updated regularly. Had they been followed it is unlikely any of the children would have died.  Advanced cardiac life support training would have likely made a huge difference.  In at least two of the deaths no one in the office even attempted CPR!  Anyone know about an emergency tracheotomy?  My mother taught me how to do this when I was a teen.  A bit of knowledge in case someone is chocking.  Please review the procedure, it might save a child's life today!

In her article, Mary Jo Melone, that deaths in the dental chair is usually reported to state dental boards and left up to those boards for disciplinary issues.  I think there is a problem with this as it appears little is done on that level. 

One reader, a dentist, wrote they had no idea there were that many deaths.  That's because no one has bothered to keep that data, wonder why?  We know that potatoes have 2 more chromosomes than a human, but no one bothers to track deaths of children in the dentists chair! 

Dr. Milton Houpt told the South Tampa News, in connection with the death of Cory Moore, that there are no national statistics but says these deaths are rare.  Well how would he know if no one keeps track. 

There also are complete courses in advanced cardiac life support for dentists.  Sign up here.  The parents of the dead children wish you had.