Friday, June 11, 2010

Dental Dreams Lawsuit

Several seem to be interested in the case brought against Dental Dreams, LLC in MA.  Here is what is happening:

Patrick Dermesropian, DDS filed a civil action against Dental Dreams, LLC,  Sameera Hussain, Field of Dreams Dental Management, LLC, Khurram Hussain, Peter Stathakis, Dental Experts, LLC dba Dental Dreams, LLC and David Wolle in the amount of $2.1 million.

The suit was filed June 10, 2009 in MA.  A complaint was filed; there have been motion after motion filed by Dental Dreams, asking it to be dismiss or this or that.  Dental Dreams had to file their Corporate disclosure statement but didn't do so until August 2009.  Dental Dreams has filed Motions to Strike Allegation, several times, filed motions to stay the Discovery a few times, the parties could not all agree with the judge so another judge was reassigned, Dr. Dermesropian filed a motion to Strike Allegations, most of these were denied.  Dr. Dermesropian had to file an amended complaint after other information became available, more Motions to Strike and Dismiss by  Dental Dreams.  Motion granted to Dr. Dermesropian to file a 31 page memo.  

More Motions to Dismiss or Strike in January and February 2010.  In May 2010 the judge finally granted Dental Dream's motion to dismiss Counts VI, VII, IX, and X but otherwise denied all other allegations.... and here we are.