Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Medicaid Services Director for Kentucky and State Auditor Report on Passport Health Not Good

Kentucky looking for new Medicaid Services Director 

Maybe I should apply!

In other news:

A 200 plus page report,  Kentucky State Auditor Crit Luallen calls for much stricter oversight and accountability for Passport Health Plan, the managed care company overseeing 164,000 people in Louisville and surrounding counties.  Luallen reports had not referred the findings to any law enforcement agencies, I ask, why not?

The report found:

  •   VP being a partner in a Passport contractor
  •   One Executive's salary raising 33% in a two year period
  •   Execs spent almost $230,000 on travel, staying at high-end hotels, used limos and huge dinner bills.
  •   Lobbying expenses
Passport CEO Larry Cook, said the report was misleading, they rented a sedan from the limo service, not the limo because the taxi drivers were on strike in two of the cases.

Passport receives $793 million in state and federal taxpayer funds last year.