Thursday, November 04, 2010

NY OIG Gives Three Week Notice of Two Day Inspection

I simply do not understand the OIG in NY giving 3 weeks notice to the clinic prior to inspection.  Giving doctors, office managers, credentialing and Allison Luke to clean up any messes prior to the visit. 

I simply do not understand FORBA's in house "audits" either.

Nashville sends a list of patients name and requests files on those patients-eight or ten.  They are all "cleaned  up" at the clinics and sent via FedEx to Nashville for inspection by  Allison and crew.  I suppose that is another one of those "safe guards" I have been told about.
What kind of safeguards are these?  I was recently told and reassured there were layer upon layer of safe guards to ensure children were not over treated and put in a straitjacket too often..  Its bull now and I  knew it was bullshit then.  Layer upon layer of oversight to ensure the children only received the best treatment. 

NO, there is layer up on layer of monitoring to ensure no one finds out what Gypsies, tramps and thieves are crawling about the FORBA offices, Nashville and Pueblo! 

(so many of the employees think Pueblo is no longer involved, they would be wrong.  Check your dentists NPI numbers, all the money is sent to Pueblo!)

Allison, you better get those files cleaned up!