Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dental Dreams to Healthy Smiles ?



Not sure about the rest of the country but in Louisiana the people who own that nasty little dental mill referred to as Dental Dreams, go under the name Health Smiles, LLC as of July 2011.

dentaldreamsadThere are lots of employment ads out there, all have Chryrisse Patterson, Director of Human Resourses name attached to them.  People are to email her at cipatterson@kosservices.com

Kos Services is owned by Khurram Hussain, Dr. Sameera Hussain’s other half.


A google search on these two will give you lots of nasty stuff, including the fact they had a teen die after treatment at one of their clinics earlier 2011.

Kos Services







Healthy Smiles, LLC Louisiana









So who is Dr. Paulina Demos-Arne who has registered Health Smiles in Louisiana, well she’s not the “owner” of Health Smiles, I bet.