Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mystery - Dallas, Flower Mound or Roanoke Texas Dental Death??

Since December 6th (2011) or so, there is at least one visitor to this blog a day brought here by using search terms about a death of a child from dental sedation in Texas.  I can’t find anything on this.
Here are some of the “search terms” or “keywords” used:
Child death Roanoke ( I first that is was VA, but now it’s showing up as TX)
Child death Flower Mound
Child death Dallas
Texas Dental Child Death
Death Dentist Texas
7 year old girl death in dentist chair Dallas
Dentist Death Texas
Child Death in dentistry
6 year old died in dental clinic Dallas Texas
Flower Mound boy killed by anesthesia during dental treatment
Child dies in dental chair Dallas
Why is Banner Health in Phoenix searching for “new york pediatric death of dental patient using nitrous oxide”?
Anyone have any info?