Monday, January 30, 2012

The Medicaid Dental Patient

Somethings just burns my ass-there are a lot of things-but the one that belongs here is what people seem to think is the face of the Medicaid poster child.

Perpetrated by the greedy elite, to flaunt their sick and distorted view of philanthropy, the face of Medicaid Dental Patient is NOT a poor black daddy baby, (yes, daddy baby), left alone with a sippy cup full of Mt. Dew, and whose mom has been strung out in some crack house down the street for a week. Somehow by painting this picture we all are guilty of turning our heads. Shame on us.

The true picture of the Medicaid Dental Patient is our handicapped, it's our foster children, it's many of the children at St. Jude's, ( keep that in your mind),it's our children whose fathers are allowed shirk their financial responsibility, it the children of your neighbor who lost his job, it's your grandmother in the nursing home you don't go visit enough! Yes, they too are preyed upon. ReachOut Healthcare America is one of many who do this.