Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One dentist’s view on the ADA

Posted by Frenchpotato

The reason they can take advantage of you is simply because there are too many dentists, and a lot more are coming down the pike.

The ADA does not care.  The ADA has really disappointed me. ADA automatically gives all these new schools provisional accreditation.
I hope I live long enough to see dental schools start closing as they did in the 1980's.  Maybe I will live long enough to see people wake up and stop joining the ADA.

BTW, when I was being encouraged to join the ADA, other dentists would say, if you do not join and you  are ever sued, the opposing attorney will say, "she is not even a member of the ADA."

Seriously, I would like to hear ONE  good reason to be a member of the ADA.